The Sacrosanct Records

The Sacrosanct Records, a planned series of Fantasy/Western Adventure novels. Book One, “The Stone Warrior”, is complete, and set to be released on February 1st. Books 2 is in progress, and Book 3 is planned and outlined.

The Sacrosanct Records is a series of Fantasy/Western Adventure novels. 

The post-war landscape is not quite lawless and not quite safe. Gangs of raiders attack vulnerable towns too ill-protected to defend themselves, taking captives for slaves and leaving nothing but ashes in their wake. An energy known as “spirit” powers the frontier for those who can afford it, but once upon a time the use of this power was known only to a few individuals who would harness spirit to use magic. Many call those people witches, and would prefer them gone.

Adelyn Mayweather finds her family victim of the raiders, and though she has the power of magic, she is only fifteen. Knowing she can’t find her family alone, she hires the one bounty hunter she can afford and abandons everything in hopes of finding them.

It is a journey with few promises and no guarantees. Her one ally is a veteran with a questionable past. She has power, but will it be enough? Magic and tenacity can carry a determined girl a long way on the frontier.

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  • What an amazing author. The writing of each of the books, descriptions, scenes, clothing, tools, battles, took me to the time and space. I so appreciated “escaping” through this series and thank the author for sharing.


  • I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect going into this book. It was pitched to me by a friend as “a western with magic”, but I dove in headfirst anyways, figuring I’ll try anything once.

    I could not put The Stone Warrior down.

    Having always been a fan of Western novella (I grew up on the works of Max Brand, Will Cook, Lee Hoffman, and the venerable Louis L’Amour) and lighthearted fantasy (think Pratchett, Jacques, and a little Lewis), The Stone Warrior was definitely a fresh way to scratch that particular itch. Not to spoil anything, it takes western tropes that you think you know (the brave little girl on the frontier, the mysterious vigilante with a shadowed past) and spins them in a new way with fantasy tropes you think you know (the aspiring magician, the battle of the wits AND muscle) to create something altogether unique. To paraphrase the great Mark Twain, the trick to creativity is picking enough sources to blend together that nobody can pick the individual bits out, and I think Jolley did just that with this book.

    Jolley’s skill isn’t in his clever pick-and-choose genre-defying writing style, though. His real skill is in his ability to immerse you into a world not so unfamiliar as to be unimaginable, but strange enough to be new, exciting, and bizarre. I found myself wanting to know more about every little thing, and the worldbuilding snippets at the beginning of every chapter (ranging from brief snippets of history lessons to in-universe recipes) are an excellent way to take you on a whirlwind tour of the world outside of Marstone while still maintaining the ever-present feeling that anything is possible out here on the frontier.


  • I loved the book! It was so well written, immersive and imaginative!

    Genre: Western, Fantasy, Young Adult, Clean

    You explore this new world with Adelyn. She’s a responsible teen with magically abilities she must hide. Determined to find her kidnapped family, she hires a bounty hunter to aid her. I like how logically her choices are. In fact, the action of most of the characters seem genuine. How magic is used also make sense. Great job, M. N. Jolley! I’m looking forward to book two.