Maggie Cartwright

Maggie Cartwright was originally a side character in The KC Warlock Weekly, but after some consideration with the character, she’s getting her own story – and it’s serialized!

Chapters get posted here every week. When I come up with a better series/book title than just “Maggie Cartwright”, I’ll update it!

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Chapter One: Bushwhacked

Chapter Two: Hostile Workplace Environment

Chapter Three: The Right Tool

Chapter Four: Doomed To Repeat It

Chapter Five: Affairs In Order

Chapter Six: School’s Out

Chapter Seven: Getting a Hand

Chapter Eight: Long Live the Queen

Chapter Nine: Recovery

Chapter Ten: Challenges

Chapter Eleven: Face Off

Chapter Twelve: Burning Bridges

Chapter Thirteen: The Sword

Chapter Fourteen: Peace Talks

Chapter Fifteen: Rescue Efforts

Chapter Sixteen: The Calm Before

Chapter Seventeen: The Storm

Chapter Eighteen: Collapse

Chapter Nineteen: Pain