The Sacrosanct Records

The Sacrosanct Records, a planned series of Fantasy/Western Adventure novels. Book One, “The Stone Warrior”, is complete, and set to be released on February 1st. Books 2 is in progress, and Book 3 is planned and outlined.

The Sacrosanct Records is a series of Fantasy/Western Adventure novels. 

The post-war landscape is not quite lawless and not quite safe. Gangs of raiders attack vulnerable towns too ill-protected to defend themselves, taking captives for slaves and leaving nothing but ashes in their wake. An energy known as “spirit” powers the frontier for those who can afford it, but once upon a time the use of this power was known only to a few individuals who would harness spirit to use magic. Many call those people witches, and would prefer them gone.

Adelyn Mayweather finds her family victim of the raiders, and though she has the power of magic, she is only fifteen. Knowing she can’t find her family alone, she hires the one bounty hunter she can afford and abandons everything in hopes of finding them.

It is a journey with few promises and no guarantees. Her one ally is a veteran with a questionable past. She has power, but will it be enough? Magic and tenacity can carry a determined girl a long way on the frontier.

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